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Herbarium of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology, University of Coimbra, Portugal (COI)
Specimen COI00042047

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SOLANACEAE Solanum nigrum L.
Willkomm, Heinrich MoritzWikidata logo
Vernacular Yerba mora


COI Number COI00042047
COI Collection Herbarium Willkommii
Phenology flowering and fruiting
Specimen Descripition (Original)
Remarks Bundle 95.;
H. M. Willkommii iter hispanicum.;
Characteristic handwriting by M. Willkomm is on the label.;
S. dillenii Schult. is given as synonym on the label.;


Collectors Willkomm, Heinrich MoritzWikidata logo
Field Number 475
Collection Date 03-02-1845
Locality & Habitat notes In ruderatis et cultis regionis calidae: inter Retamam monospermam in isthmo Gaditano.
Geography Europe EU
Spain ES
Locality Name Isthmo Gibraltar

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