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Herbarium of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology, University of Coimbra, Portugal (COI)
Specimen COI00036656

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POACEAE Eragrostis persica Prsl.
Willkomm, Heinrich Moritz


COI Number COI00036656
COI Collection Herbarium Willkommii
Phenology flowering
Specimen Descripition (Original)
Remarks Bundle 16;
Herbarium Willkomm.;
Characteristic handwriting by M. Willkomm is on the label;
Poa persica Trin. is given as synonym on the label.;


Collectors Kotschy, Theodor
Field Number s.n.
Collection Date 24-05-1842
Locality & Habitat notes Persia: in nemoribus montis Sabst-Buschom pr. Schiras, ad nivem deliquescentem.
Geography Asia AS
Iran IR
Locality Name Schiras; Sabst Buschom