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Herbarium of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology, University of Coimbra, Portugal (COI)
Specimen COI00022660

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ASTERACEAE Artemisia arborescens L.
Vernacular Losna maior, ou de Dioscosides. Absinthio vulgar


COI Number COI00022660
COI Collection Florae Lusitaniae
Phenology flowering and fruiting
Remarks Handwriting of Welwitsch
Number on label (2694): no. of genus in Endlicher, Genera Plantarum.
Number on label (357): no. of species in Brotero, Fl. lusit.


Collectors s.coll.
Field Number s.n.
Collection Date 10-06-1840
Locality Name Europe
Portugal PT
Cultivado no Jm d'Ajuda