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Herbarium of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology, University of Coimbra, Portugal (COI)
Specimen COI00077236

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ROSACEAE Rubus hypomalacus Focke ssp. mucronatiformis Sud. ISOPARATYPE
Sales, Ftima & Moreira, Quitria
ROSACEAE Rubus hypomalacus Focke ssp. mucronatiformis Sud.
Sudre, Henri L. L 1905


COI Number COI00077236
COI Collection General Herbarium
Phenology flowering
Specimen Descripition (Original) Ptales blancs, tamines blanches, galant les styles verdtres.
Specimen Descripition (English) White petals, white stamens.
Remarks Heading of the label: H. Sudre - BATOTHECA EUROPEAE - Fasc. III.1905.;

Also on the label are:
"Sect. II - Silvatici P. J. Mll.
Gr. a - Grati Sud.".;
"R. mucromatus var. nudicaulis Rogers Handb. Brit. Rub. p. 56 (1900).
Exsicc. Set of Brit. Rubi n 88.".;

Protologue of Rubus hypomalacus Focke subsp. mucronatiformis Sud. in Bat. Eur. 3: 39 (1905).;


Collectors Linton, Edward F
Field Number 107
Collection Date 07-1904
Locality & Habitat notes
Geography Europe EU
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland GB
England GBENG
Dorset GBENGD6
Locality Name Bournemouth