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Herbarium of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology, University of Coimbra, Portugal (COI)
Specimen COI00077231

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ROSACEAE Rubus plicatus Weihe & Nees var. acuminatus Sud. LECTOTYPE
Sales, Ftima & Moreira, Quitria
ROSACEAE Rubus plicatus Weihe & Nees var. acuminatus Sud.
Sudre, Henri L. L 1905


COI Number COI00077231
COI Collection General Herbarium
Phenology flowering
Specimen Descripition (Original) Ptales roses; tamines roses, galant les styles verdtres.
Specimen Descripition (English) Pink petals; pink stamens, green styles.
Remarks Heading of the label: H. Sudre - BATOTHECA EUROPEAE - Fasc. III.1905.;

Also on the label are:
"Sect. I - Suberecti P.J.Mll.".;
"Rubus plicatus W. et N. Rub. germ. p. 15, t. I (1822); Focke Syn. p. 111.".;

Protologue of Rubus plicatus Weihe & Nees var. acuminatus Sud. in Bat. Eur. 3: 38 (1905).;

There is a capsule with flowers, one leaf and another annotated capsule (R. opacus Flores.) with petals.;


Collectors Kretzer, F
Field Number 101
Collection Date 27-06-1903
Locality & Habitat notes Bois.
Geography Europe EU
Germany DE
Lower Saxony
Locality Name Braunschweig
Elevation 100 m